Module 14


Welcome to Module 14! In this module you are going to learn about resumes. A resume is a document that you use to apply for a job. Sometimes it is submitted with an application or it is submitted all on its own. Regardless of how you apply for the job, a resume is important because it is your chance to make a first impression to your potential employer.

There is no “right” way to create a resume, and everyone’s resumes will look and be different because we all have our own unique set of skills and ideas on how to present those skills. There are, however, guidelines and certain sections that should be included on a resume: Name, contact information, education, experience, and accomplishments.

Before beginning on this module, make sure you have read through this entire introduction, and read the Student “I Can” Statements and Module Tasks below:

Student “I Can” Statements

  1. I can communicate on the basis of openness and honesty.
  2. I can develop an understanding of the language, vocabulary, and jargon related to professional skills throughout the program.
  3. I can participate in professional skill building lessons with the program leader.

Module Tasks

  1. Read the Module 14 Introduction, Student “I Can” Statements, and Module Tasks.
  2. Review the Resumes Presentation.
  3. View Ms. McKenzie’s Sample Resume.
  4. Create your own Resume. Feel free to use the Resume Template by making a copy of the Google Doc and adding in your experience, education, skills, etc.
  5. Submit your Resume to Ms. McKenzie by sharing the document with her via Google Docs.