Module 4


Welcome to Module 4! In this module you will learn about our typing program, is a great tool for us to use because it will walk you through lessons that fit your skill level–beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

The way this will work is you will start out taking a 1-minute typing test from I will review your results and then place you in the level that fits your current skill set. Please wait for further instructions before starting the typing lessons because I do not want you to waste your time. You will receive an email from me with what skill level lessons you will complete.

It is okay if you are placed in the beginner level and not the advanced level because this whole program is about growing your knowledge and improving your abilities!

Before beginning on this module, make sure you have read through this entire introduction, and read the Student “I Can” Statements and Module Tasks below:

Student “I Can” Statements

  1. I can understand the vocabulary associated with technology based skills in order to complete program tasks.
  2. I can understand the vocabulary associated with professional based skills in order to complete program tasks.
  3. I can use the appropriate terminology and skills when discussing program tasks.
  4. I can understand the basic vocabulary, skills, and functions of different applications, software, and technologies.

Module Tasks

  1. Read the Module 4 Introduction, Student “I Can” Statements, and Module Tasks.
  2. Watch the Navigating video tutorial.
  3. Complete the 1 Minute Typing Test on‘s website. This is our class link for Click the link and you will be prompted to join our class. Follow the steps in the video after clicking, “Create New Account” by logging in with Google. Give permission for to access your SELECT Programs account, if prompted.