Module 5


Welcome to Module 5! In this module you are going to learn professional email etiquette. Email etiquette is an important skill to learn because email has become one of the main forms of communication in the professional world.

Effective communication through email requires you to remember a few simple rules (or best practices) when communicating with peers, supervisors, clients, and others. This module will go over those rules and give you a chance to practice them.

Before beginning on this module, make sure you have read through this entire introduction, and read the Student “I Can” Statements and Module Tasks below:

Student “I Can” Statements

  1. I can effectively communicate, or present, an idea, goal, or feedback to someone else.
  2. I can communicate on the basis of openness and honesty.
  3. I can write an email, discussion post, and / or announcement that can be easily understood by the intended audience.

Module Tasks

  1. Read the Module 5 Introduction, Student “I Can” Statements, and Module Tasks.
  2. Review the Email Vocabulary section.
  3. Review the Email Etiquette section.
  4. OPTIONAL: Review the How to Log Into Your Email Account and Send an Email section.
  5. Review the Creating an Email Signature section.
  6. Complete the Professional Email Activity.
  7. Review the Professional Development Portfolio section.
  8. Submit a Email Etiquette Certificate Request for your Professional Development Portfolio.