With email, social media, and other digital forms of communication; writing letters is not a common practice anymore. However, knowing how to write a letter and address an envelope are important skills that you still need to know.

It is also important to know there are different types of letters that you will encounter: personal / friendly letters, business letters, and cover letters. Review the presentation below to learn more about the different genres of letters an

Letters Presentation


Click on the presentation to advance to the next slide. After clicking on the presentation you can also use your arrow keys on your keyboard to review the slideshow. Use the right key to go forward and the left key to go backward.

Friendly Letter Activity


  1. Read all of the directions once all the way through before completing each step. The directions are written in the document and a tutorial video has been created to help walk you through each step (found in the Introduction Video).
  2. Create a new Google Doc in your Google Drive.
  3. Name the document [Your Name] Friendly Letter Activity. For example, I would name mine McKenzie Hansen Friendly Letter Activity.
  4. In the document, type a friendly letter to a friend or a family member. Include whatever information you would like to in the body of your letter. However, make sure you include all of the necessary elements.
  5. Turn this activity in by sharing it with me. Click the blue “Share” button in the top right corner. A pop up window will appear with a textbox to type in an email address. Type in my email: jmhansen@selectprograms.org in the textbox. Make sure I have Editing permissions.